Monday, September 26, 2011

30 Things I Love: Part II (Kitchen)

Continuing with the 30 Things I Love, today I'm focusing on kitchen items. Since the kitchen is one of my favorite places, it was hard to narrow it down to just ten, but I did my best. So, in no particular order, here they are! (Click here if you missed the first ten items.)

Cake Stands
vintage. modern. colorful or not, they add a lovely touch.

 Robert Mondavi Wine
we visited the winery in Napa Valley in 2008. wonderfully made & a perfect gift.

a feminine touch to any kitchen task
found here
Flowers in Glass Jars
happy. colorful. smell amazing.

straight from the oven to the table. i have them in french white.

Fabric Shopping Bags
reusable with a whole lot more character than plastic
found here
 Handwritten Recipe Cards
there's something special about a recipe being handwritten
found here
a mini cake makes everything more fun
from this post on Little Olsen
 Kitchen Aid Mixer
makes nearly every recipe easier. mine is white.

Colorful Kitchen Towels
change the entire look of the room with one simple tea towel
found here

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  1. Love your post! And i agree, a 'fancy' tea towel just warms the heart. And it's my latest gift i send out if i am in the mood of gift giving! :-) A little personalizing goes a long ways.

    And i don't believe your 30, that's just to crazy! So how about you just stay about 26 for a while. ;-)


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