Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Wee Beads

A couple days ago I noticed Ella rubbing the right side of her nose, so I asked if she needed a Kleenex. I helped her blow her nose and out popped a little red bead! I explained why we can't put things in our noses, she listened, and then went to play. Within a few minutes, though, she was rubbing the other side of her nose. We found an added treasure on that side when out popped another little red bead and a piece of apple peel. Goody! It was hard not to laugh. And I'm guessing that won't be the last time I pull something out of her nose.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photo Friday: A Gigantic Treat

Daddy bought this special treat for Ella last Sunday after church. No worries, it took a few days for the three of us to finish it. Such fun!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dreaming of Africa

Today, as I peer out the window at the snow-covered trees and fresh tracks through the yard, I'm longing for Africa. Not because of the cold or the wind or the snow. It's because a part of my heart is there. How can a part of my heart be in a place I've never been? Let me explain.

For as long as I can remember, I've had an enormous desire to live and teach in another culture. Whenever missionaries would speak at church when I was little, I listened intently to their stories and watched their slide shows with great interest. When I was in fifth grade, a couple guys from my church traveled to China to smuggle Bibles to its citizens. When they returned, one of them gave me a piece of Chinese paper money and told me I could keep it as long as I became a missionary myself someday. I still have that paper money tucked away in my Spanish Bible from my year and a half in Honduras during college. They are my reminders of what God has called me to.

 Amazingly, when I met Pete, he shared a very similar dream. One night shortly after we started dating, he told me that he wanted to move abroad to teach medicine. Seriously, I felt like God was handing me a very special gift through an incredible guy who also had dreams of other cultures. I know plenty of people who have wanted to go abroad but had to put it behind them when their husband or wife didn't share the same desire. Clearly, God was letting me continue down the path to being able to teach abroad long-term.

In the years since we got married, God has been giving us clear signs that we need to consider East Africa for our long-term plans. We often meet people who have either lived in Kenya or Tanzania or who have family or close friends there. Doors have opened to lead us closer to actually going abroad. My heart has been preparing for the culture and the people and the land as we make plans for the future. I can't make my heart do that. I really believe it's God preparing me for what is to come.

So that is why I feel a longing for Africa. I love this city and the people, but I'm not quite complete here. My heart was made to travel and to teach and to love people who don't speak my language. I cannot wait to get there. But I must. God is still working in me, and in Ella, and in Pete, and in the little baby we'll meet in a few months. I get so excited about it that I nearly cry (which could partially be hormones, but not entirely).

In the meantime, I'm thankful for dreams.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Friday: Miss Ella's Perspective

Ella's been taking lots of photos on my iPhone lately. It's the most fun to discover photos & videos she's taken at times when I don't even realize it. Her perspective is unique!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo Friday: The Bump & an Apron

I haven't been great about taking pictures of the wee bump this time around, so I caught a few in the kitchen this afternoon while making chocolate cake. At least the apron can keep the bump free of batter drips! I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

At The Anchor with the Cousins

We love getting burgers at The Anchor! A week ago we went with Mama Bex & the girls, Uncle Jake, and Nana & Papa Scott. As Dora's backpack would say, 'Yum yum yum, delisioso!' (Ella says that a lot, too.)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A So Happy Sick Day

Dear Ella was up all night with a stomach bug. I felt terrible for her. It started at the exact moment that Pete & I walked in the door from our weekly Tuesday date night. Our sitter hadn't even made it up to her room yet. The poor girl was up with Daddy every 15 minutes through the night. She was exhausted this morning but had had enough of her bed, so we hung out on the living room couch after Pete went to work. That was where she said the sweetest thing. After coughing over a bucket, she looked up at me with red, teary eyes and said in a weak voice, "So happy," and smiled a wee little smile. Melt my heart. She has such an uplifting attitude, even when sick. I rubbed her back and turned on Sesame Street. And that was pretty much how the rest of our day went. Movies and cuddles.

I have to take a moment to say that I have one incredible husband. You did read correctly that he was up all night with her. This was after a full day of morning rounds and afternoon clinic, right before beginning a 24-hour call shift this morning. He let me sleep in our big, cozy bed while he cuddled with our sick girly. What a man. Really. What a man.


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