Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Glimpse of Our Little Chick

Here she is! We'll have more pictures & one super fun video to post later. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Photo Update

I take so many pictures that I just don't have the time to individually post each of them. I often imagine what I would write if I did get to post them. Fun ideas. Not enough time. So here's an abbreviated version of various posts mixed all into one. And yes, they all feature Miss Ella. She's just too fun not to photograph.

On a very rainy day recently, we took a trip down to a little book store in Canal Park. We spent time reading, watching the fish swim in the tank, and playing at a table covered in toys. Ella had some birthday money from Great-Grandma Johnson, so she picked out a new book of her own: Click, Clack, ABC. It's a unique ABC book based on a farm. She actually just begged me to read it to her as I was writing this.

Side note: Ella just had her first real hair cut! I set her up in the booster seat, let her watch Backyardigans, and cut only the back. That will give the hair in front a chance to catch up to the rest.

Ella likes to look out the window at the clinic when we go to visit Daddy. It's a gorgeous view of the canal and lift bridge.
Who doesn't want to cook while wearing a bike helmet?

So...close...! The girl likes her crayons, but only under very close supervision. We just painted these walls. I'd hate to have to teach Ella how to use a roller and paint at such a young age.

Ella jams out on her guitar from Uncle Jake every single day. No joke. She dances too.

Wheels? Forget those. If I'm strong enough to carry it, I'm going to carry it.

Grandma Scott found this adorable doll bed at a garage sale, but Ella thinks it's meant for her.

She also thinks it's her stage. Will we have a little actress in our future? One can only hope!

On one of the last warm days of the fall, we spent time playing in Canal Park. Mostly, we were at this mini bridge. Ella refused to stop playing on it. She wouldn't even leave for ice cream! Multiple Canal visitors noticed how long she was playing on it and came to chat. That was nice of them. I was getting bored.

The child loves her baths.

Tea time with Daddy!

What can I say? The girl's got style!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We woke up this morning to a little surprise... a light covering of beautiful snow! We were fortunate to only have this dusting, because over the hill (the part of Duluth that is, well, over the hill) had more than seven inches. When I first peeked out the window, I thought it seemed rather quiet at the school across the street. Hmmm. A short time later I found out that school was canceled city-wide. What a day! I don't have any school visits or volunteering today, but I still feel like I get to celebrate on days like this. We're staying in (which is just fine since Miss Ella has a cold), putting our feet up in front of the fire, and reading. We being the girls. Daddy still had to go to work. He can join us tonight when he gets home.

So here's to our first Duluth snow day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

One Or The Other

Upon checking my mailbox, I found just two pieces of mail. Both were magazines. Each was addressed to the doctor or lady of the house, and I couldn't help but laugh at their completely opposite audiences. So, which would you choose?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple Fest

Every fall we look forward to spending a day in Bayfield, Wisconsin for Apple Fest. The picturesque little town sits on the southern shore of Lake Superior and is surrounded by apple orchards. It's quite the tourist destination, especially during the first weekend in October when the streets are lined with vendors selling everything apple you can imagine. Apple chili, apple dumplings, apple brats, apple crisp, apple cider, apple donuts, apple beer, apple pie. Not a fest goes by when we don't feel like our bellies will explode from all the apple goodness. This was year number five for us, with many more to come.

We started our day at Erickson's Apple Orchard, a must for every one of our Bayfield visits, whether it's for Apple Fest or not.

Ella had fun exploring the orchard.

The weather was absolutely perfect! As we arrived in town, Ella munched on an apple.

Another tradition - I get my picture with the troll in front of the Scandinavian shop.

Ella thought it'd be fun to join me this year.

She was really lovin' this little guy.

We asked Ella where his nose was and she proudly showed off her own! This was the first time she had pointed to her own nose. The crowd around us was quite amused.

I know it's not an apple product, but cheese curds are a must. They are always delicious at Apple Fest, and they happen to be Pete's favorite treat. This was Ella's first!

We just happened to be in town while the parade passed through again this year. It's a pretty impressive one. Ella didn't want to sit through the whole thing so we wandered through the crafty vendor area while everyone else was watching the parade. Perfect! We didn't have to push through crowds or hurry past the artistic sculptures and paintings.

We came home to Duluth that night with full bellies, sleepy eyes, and 20 pounds of cortland apples. I'm already excited for Apple Fest next year. Just 49 more weeks to go!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Into the Woods

I love surprises. Pete knows I do. He's very good at planning them, which makes me one lucky mama.

Pete had the entire week of my birthday off this year. It's amazing, though, how quickly time can fill, even when you mean to keep it open. I was somewhat busy the day of my birthday (although we did get to go out for breakfast...just the two of us!), so Pete and I decided we could do something to celebrate the next day instead. He sent me off in the morning to read alone at a coffee shop (such a treat!), and when I returned he had the car packed for a picnic up the shore. Soon after we left the house, though, it started to rain. Pete was disappointed, so I tried to reassure him that it was just fine. We could have a picnic in the car. As it turned out, though, he had more than a picnic in mind. He had reserved a little cabin for us at Tettegouche State Park! Yay!

We pulled up to the parking area, put on our rain gear, and prepared for the 1.7 mile hike through the woods. Guess what happened the very instant we got out of the Jeep? It stopped raining! The sun came out and the weather was lovely the rest of our 24-hour get-away.

Our little bug led the way (for a little while, at least).

Daddy showed Ella how to make marshmallows over the fire - outside & inside.

Jiffy Pop! An extra special birthday treat. Pete did an amazing job packing everything & a little extra. He even brought a bottle of Diet Dew just for me!

Ella was ready to help.

She loved playing in the leaves.

This was the view of our cabin from the small lodge nearby. There were four little cabins nestled on the edge of a private lake in the middle of the park. At one time, the cabins belonged to a club of wealthy men from Duluth.

The next day we spent the morning hiking and relaxing. The fall colors were at their peak. Gorgeous.

Such a great birthday surprise! It's been hard to get away together since residency began, so it was really nice to take advantage of Pete's week off. It could be a while before we get more time like that!

In other news, I made three pie crusts and one giant jar of apple crisp topping last night. Today might be the day I make my first apple pie of the season! I'll post recipes and pics of some tasty apple desserts very soon. Check back!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Belated Birthday Pics

At the end of September, I celebrated another birthday here in Duluth. My parents visited the day before and we spent a lovely afternoon by the lake opening presents, eating pumpkin pie, and watching the little girls play. Here are a few belated pictures of the day.

Miss Malena & I got to hang out on the deck of the 1st Street clinic building while Mama Bex had a baby appointment. (Ella was at home with Daddy.) We found out that morning that she'll be having another little girl! Yay team pink! Mama Bex is due the first week of February.

After lunch at The Anchor (what better place is there to celebrate?! see pics here) we found a sunny spot by the harbor to hang out for the afternoon.

This is the lovely apron my mom found for me. Isn't it great? I've used it many times already.

Two of the same.

Ready, Malena? Hold on!

For supper we grabbed a great big pizza in town and drove up the shore. Pete, Ella, Grandma & Grandpa Scott and I hung out there until it got dark. Look! These two girlies match!

It was a great day of celebrating. Next year we'll really have to hype things up for the big 3-0. I can't believe I'm that close already! I'm actually really looking forward to it. A lot has happened in my 20s but I have high hopes for the next decade. One more year to live it up. I'm so ready.


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