Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Things I Love: Part I

I can't believe this is the first day of my 30th birthday week. I used to think that you're supposed to feel dread as such a monumental birthday approaches, but I am far from that. I am thrilled. Part of this came from the fact that, just 18 months ago, Pete had great satisfaction in turning 30. His attitude encouraged me to think about what I truly felt about turning 30. I've realized, with much delight, that I have a lot of amazing things going on right now! I think I'll save those details until I reflect on my birthday on the actual day, which is Wednesday the 28th.

As I was reflecting on things that bring me great joy...and giddiness...this morning, I realized that there are many, many things. So that's what I'm going to focus on. Things I love. Emphasis on things. I realize there are many people and thoughts and such that I greatly enjoy, but when do I get to compile a list of things that I love? Since it's my birthday, I'm taking full advantage of getting to do whatever I want. (If that doesn't sound like a little girl, I don't know what does.)

Today I'll start with the first ten. Then I'll post ten more each of the next two days. Maybe you'll find some joy in the little things I love, too!

Coffee Mugs
perfect for warm hands on a chilly day
found here
Vintage Bicycles
the shape. the wheels. the basket with flowers.
found here
Jane Austen
her stories are delightful. i feel as though she understands.

Vintage Typewriters
 the mystery in the stories they've told.

Unique/Original Dolls
she just makes me smile.
found here
outside. fresh. delicious.

 Handmade Cards
personal & thoughtful
found here
 with a cup of coffee & a great book
found here
Thrift Shopping
it's cheap & has tons of character

sweetly hidden & completely romantic
found here

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