Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing The Little Yellow Kitchen

Over the past couple years I've shared many baking ideas and some of my favorite recipes on this blog. I always find such joy in discovering something new and posting it here to share with those of you who might stumble across it and perhaps even try it out yourself. That is why I've chosen to officially announce the beginning of a new adventure right here on my first full day of being 30. 

I'd like to introduce you to...

The Little Yellow Kitchen first came as a fun thought when I was doing a lot of baking just after Ella was born two years ago. I wanted something fun to label my baking. Eventually, it came to me. The Little Yellow Kitchen. Why yellow? A few reasons, actually, but the main reason was that my Grandma Johnson's kitchen was yellow while I was growing up. It was a lovely place to watch Grandma prepare dinner, eat cookies and cake, listen to stories from my mom's childhood, and color in Grandma's old coloring books using crayons stored in the Whitman's Sampler chocolate box. I loved the thought of tying those memories in with my baking.

a rose cake for a tea party
Through the past two years, I've had lots of opportunities to try more recipes and experiment with designs. Just over a year ago, I designed my first cupcake and have since done multiple events of more than 200 cupcakes at a time. I've been asked to do retirement, birthday, and graduation parties, baby and wedding showers, big church events, and weddings. Six months ago I tried fondant for the first time and am now having a ball designing intricate, multi-tiered cakes.

a jungle cake for Miss Malena
As requests have become more numerous, I've been dreaming about what it might be like to start a real business. When I first had the idea, I was more than a little nervous. What about all the regulations and taxes and...expectations? If people would be paying me, that would mean I'd really have to do an outstanding job. I kept thinking about the fact that I still have three semesters of grad school and a full-time job taking care of Miss Ella and the house while trying to see my dear husband who is always incredibly busy with residency. So, after lots of nervous thinking and telling myself it just wouldn't work, I finally prayed about it. I know it should have come up earlier in the process, but my mind was too busy with the what-ifs and such.

cupcakes for my cousin's wedding
After a decent amount of prayer - and a healthy amount of questioning - I started to feel like God might be telling me it's okay to go after this. It's been confirmed in some fun ways (like people I admire telling me to go after it and "randomly" coming across scripture about artistic abilities and the like). So here I am. Announcing to you that I am officially moving ahead with The Little Yellow Kitchen. I even have a website! And my very own logo! And very soon, I'll also have business cards! I guess that makes it pretty real, doesn't it.

a hobbit cake for my brother's birthday
The one very important area that has still not come through is the kitchen. In Minnesota, it is required to be licensed by the state and to work out of a licensed kitchen in order to do any catering. At first I thought this would be easy with all the churches in the city. However, for various reasons, churches want to stay away from allowing a regular business to work out of their kitchens. Could you please pray with me on this? Everything will be absolutely official the moment I find a kitchen. I've already spoken with the gentleman who will do the licensing.

a small wedding cake for my cousin
 So for now, I am doing some small jobs for people that I know, but there will not be any major advertising until I am licensed. I can't wait until that time comes! I surely want it before Christmas. Just think of all the fun holiday cakes and pies that can be made for Christmas! I'll be searching and praying for the right kitchen.

a graduation/birthday party
 You can find more on The Little Yellow Kitchen at It's in its beginning stages, but I'll be making changes as things progress. I do hope you'll be seeing more of this lovely logo in the weeks to come!

The logo was designed by Jordan at Tin Cup Design.


  1. Congratulations!! You are SO talented! Just wanted to throw this out there - you might want to talk with Liz Eaton (Pastor Kyle's wife from Rock Hill Church) - she is in the exact same boat as you looking for a kitchen (she does candies). I know she had looked into renting...maybe you could pool ideas!
    If I lived in Duluth I'd SO be having you make stuff for me! Congratulations again!

  2. Hello little Yellow Kitchen ....
    We love your just makes you want to eat cake don't you think? We know what those little yellow kitchen hands can do so...look out world. xx

  3. I can't believe how talented you have become in this! Everything looks so fancy. I wish you lived closer so I could hire you! : ) Nice work! Cool to see it all come together.


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