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December, 2012

It is with a mixture of excitement and sadness that I am announcing the The Little Yellow Kitchen will be closing at the end of December. I have absolutely loved seeing this hobby-turned-business take off through the past two years, but I feel that it is time to focus on my family and prepare for our upcoming move to East Africa. I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to see what I could do with my baking through the last two years. With each project I completed, I was amazed and pleased that I could create something so beautiful. It was fun being a part of so many weddings and parties, special events that people remember for a lifetime. It's been wonderful, and I truly do feel ready to set it aside for this time.

After Ella was born, I needed a creative outlet. My entire life I had been doing theatre, but it's pretty hard to find the time to make that happen with little ones. That's when I discovered baking. I sent all the extra baked goods to work with Pete so they wouldn't be sitting around the house, and eventually his co-workers started asking about ordering things. In the last two years, I've turned it into a business where I get to make lots of fun cupcakes and artistically designed cakes. I love it!

You can find pictures of my pieces on The Little Yellow Kitchen's website.

Where did the name come from? My grandma's kitchen was yellow while I was growing up, and I've got a whole lot of wonderful memories from that space. And yes, my own kitchen is now painted yellow. It makes me smile.

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  1. WOW!!! You are really talented!! :-)

    Blessings, Katja


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