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We explore, experiment, learn, listen, love, grow, give, dream, and do. We share life with our beautiful little ones, Ella & Sam, and love the adventure of every day. We desire to hear God's direction, see his dreams for us, and turn it all into reality. Who could possibly know where we'll end up? All we know is that today we're going after what we can, living in the moment, and enjoying the ride.

The Mama
I'm Ang, the Mama. I write the posts and take most of the photos. I work full-time in this mama position since completing my Masters of Education in May of this year. My undergrad degree is in high school English, and my last teaching position was working as a reading remediation teacher with at-risk kids. That was right before Ella was born. I love teaching and plan to return to the classroom once we move to Africa.

The Daddy
Pete is an amazing anchor in our family. He just finished three years of family medicine residency and is now working in as an emergency room physician in a small town 25 minutes from us. When he's not working, Pete can usually be found in his lifted Jeep Wrangler or on his motorcycle. He also loves to cook, grill, work out, read, nap with Sam, and take Ella on special dates.

Miss Ella
Ella is a busy, smart, fun four-year-old little girl who loves to perform, laugh, play and be a big sister. She is in her second year of motessori preschool and is also now attending ballet class at the Minnesota Ballet. Miss Ella likes to run outside, bake, do puzzles, and play with her friends.

Little Sammy
Sam is our adorable one-year-old who loves to cuddle, swing, eat, and absolutely adores his big sister. Our little man was born with Down syndrome, which you can read about through his birth story. He's a very healthy, strong, smart little boy who melts our hearts every single day.

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  1. Hi! Nice family you guys! Your site is very cool. The little ones are adorable :) (you are also adorable hahah!) :D

    Greetings (groetjes) from the Netherlands,



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