Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We woke up this morning to a little surprise... a light covering of beautiful snow! We were fortunate to only have this dusting, because over the hill (the part of Duluth that is, well, over the hill) had more than seven inches. When I first peeked out the window, I thought it seemed rather quiet at the school across the street. Hmmm. A short time later I found out that school was canceled city-wide. What a day! I don't have any school visits or volunteering today, but I still feel like I get to celebrate on days like this. We're staying in (which is just fine since Miss Ella has a cold), putting our feet up in front of the fire, and reading. We being the girls. Daddy still had to go to work. He can join us tonight when he gets home.

So here's to our first Duluth snow day!

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