Thursday, October 7, 2010

Could I

Last night I was able to visit another small group. This one was just two blocks away from our house, so after putting Ella to bed (Pete was staying home after a long couple of shifts), I walked the picturesque path through the neighborhood and over the creek. Such a peaceful way to transition from a fussy bedtime to a night of friends and time focused on my Papa. I would love to make this group a regular, but I'm still praying on it and will visit a couple others. They have childcare with multiple little kids and the study was focused on the influence we have on the children in our lives. It was so nice to be in the presence of some very cool brothers & sisters.

Toward the end of the night, a couple people pulled out guitars and led a few songs, including Could I. I've sung it before, but as I sang last night, I sang the words more carefully and thought of it as a beautiful poem. This is the image I often have as I spend time with God, held in His arms or sitting beside him, openly expressing my joys & smiles, hurts & tears. I'm always amazed at how open I can be, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Papa is right beside me, feeling what I'm feeling and loving me all the way through it.

It's okay if you've never heard the song before. It's pretty new, I think. As you read each line, relax into it. It's moving.


by Kim McMechan

Could I just sit here a while
Know that there's nothing that I need to say
Safe in the knowledge that you know my ways
Love me completely no need to hide a thing

Could I just stay here a while
Letting you melt away all of my fears
I feel your comfort when you are so near
I'll hide myself in this shelter you've made for me

Could I

Could I just kneel here a while
Doing what I was created to do
Bowing in reverence I long to adore you
Willingly giving all that I can surrender

Could I just rest here a while
Letting you whisper my burdens away
In all of my journeys there's no other place
Where I find refuge strength for my weary heart

Could I

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful words.


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