Thursday, October 21, 2010

Into the Woods

I love surprises. Pete knows I do. He's very good at planning them, which makes me one lucky mama.

Pete had the entire week of my birthday off this year. It's amazing, though, how quickly time can fill, even when you mean to keep it open. I was somewhat busy the day of my birthday (although we did get to go out for breakfast...just the two of us!), so Pete and I decided we could do something to celebrate the next day instead. He sent me off in the morning to read alone at a coffee shop (such a treat!), and when I returned he had the car packed for a picnic up the shore. Soon after we left the house, though, it started to rain. Pete was disappointed, so I tried to reassure him that it was just fine. We could have a picnic in the car. As it turned out, though, he had more than a picnic in mind. He had reserved a little cabin for us at Tettegouche State Park! Yay!

We pulled up to the parking area, put on our rain gear, and prepared for the 1.7 mile hike through the woods. Guess what happened the very instant we got out of the Jeep? It stopped raining! The sun came out and the weather was lovely the rest of our 24-hour get-away.

Our little bug led the way (for a little while, at least).

Daddy showed Ella how to make marshmallows over the fire - outside & inside.

Jiffy Pop! An extra special birthday treat. Pete did an amazing job packing everything & a little extra. He even brought a bottle of Diet Dew just for me!

Ella was ready to help.

She loved playing in the leaves.

This was the view of our cabin from the small lodge nearby. There were four little cabins nestled on the edge of a private lake in the middle of the park. At one time, the cabins belonged to a club of wealthy men from Duluth.

The next day we spent the morning hiking and relaxing. The fall colors were at their peak. Gorgeous.

Such a great birthday surprise! It's been hard to get away together since residency began, so it was really nice to take advantage of Pete's week off. It could be a while before we get more time like that!

In other news, I made three pie crusts and one giant jar of apple crisp topping last night. Today might be the day I make my first apple pie of the season! I'll post recipes and pics of some tasty apple desserts very soon. Check back!


  1. I'm just a bit envious. I remember hiking back there with Chanda, you, and your sibs. Good fun for all!!

  2. Beautiful pics! So thoughtful of him to plan that for you.


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