Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple Fest

Every fall we look forward to spending a day in Bayfield, Wisconsin for Apple Fest. The picturesque little town sits on the southern shore of Lake Superior and is surrounded by apple orchards. It's quite the tourist destination, especially during the first weekend in October when the streets are lined with vendors selling everything apple you can imagine. Apple chili, apple dumplings, apple brats, apple crisp, apple cider, apple donuts, apple beer, apple pie. Not a fest goes by when we don't feel like our bellies will explode from all the apple goodness. This was year number five for us, with many more to come.

We started our day at Erickson's Apple Orchard, a must for every one of our Bayfield visits, whether it's for Apple Fest or not.

Ella had fun exploring the orchard.

The weather was absolutely perfect! As we arrived in town, Ella munched on an apple.

Another tradition - I get my picture with the troll in front of the Scandinavian shop.

Ella thought it'd be fun to join me this year.

She was really lovin' this little guy.

We asked Ella where his nose was and she proudly showed off her own! This was the first time she had pointed to her own nose. The crowd around us was quite amused.

I know it's not an apple product, but cheese curds are a must. They are always delicious at Apple Fest, and they happen to be Pete's favorite treat. This was Ella's first!

We just happened to be in town while the parade passed through again this year. It's a pretty impressive one. Ella didn't want to sit through the whole thing so we wandered through the crafty vendor area while everyone else was watching the parade. Perfect! We didn't have to push through crowds or hurry past the artistic sculptures and paintings.

We came home to Duluth that night with full bellies, sleepy eyes, and 20 pounds of cortland apples. I'm already excited for Apple Fest next year. Just 49 more weeks to go!

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  1. So fun! I love the one of Ella sitting in the grass.


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