Friday, October 29, 2010

A Photo Update

I take so many pictures that I just don't have the time to individually post each of them. I often imagine what I would write if I did get to post them. Fun ideas. Not enough time. So here's an abbreviated version of various posts mixed all into one. And yes, they all feature Miss Ella. She's just too fun not to photograph.

On a very rainy day recently, we took a trip down to a little book store in Canal Park. We spent time reading, watching the fish swim in the tank, and playing at a table covered in toys. Ella had some birthday money from Great-Grandma Johnson, so she picked out a new book of her own: Click, Clack, ABC. It's a unique ABC book based on a farm. She actually just begged me to read it to her as I was writing this.

Side note: Ella just had her first real hair cut! I set her up in the booster seat, let her watch Backyardigans, and cut only the back. That will give the hair in front a chance to catch up to the rest.

Ella likes to look out the window at the clinic when we go to visit Daddy. It's a gorgeous view of the canal and lift bridge.
Who doesn't want to cook while wearing a bike helmet?

So...close...! The girl likes her crayons, but only under very close supervision. We just painted these walls. I'd hate to have to teach Ella how to use a roller and paint at such a young age.

Ella jams out on her guitar from Uncle Jake every single day. No joke. She dances too.

Wheels? Forget those. If I'm strong enough to carry it, I'm going to carry it.

Grandma Scott found this adorable doll bed at a garage sale, but Ella thinks it's meant for her.

She also thinks it's her stage. Will we have a little actress in our future? One can only hope!

On one of the last warm days of the fall, we spent time playing in Canal Park. Mostly, we were at this mini bridge. Ella refused to stop playing on it. She wouldn't even leave for ice cream! Multiple Canal visitors noticed how long she was playing on it and came to chat. That was nice of them. I was getting bored.

The child loves her baths.

Tea time with Daddy!

What can I say? The girl's got style!


  1. How could this little girl be so cute. Is it from her Grandma Scott and her mommy?

  2. Your picture captions made me laugh. Great pics!

  3. Some day Ella is going to love looking back at all these photos! Her personality shines right through!


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