Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playing in the Dirt

Last week we had some crazy gorgeous weather here in Minnesota. I know around Minneapolis it was in the 80s, but here in on the lake it was a lovely 70 just about every day. I had worried until that point that all the nice weather was behind us and that I'd just have to get used to the mid-40s. Silly me. Doesn't this happen every fall? I seem to doubt it until the warm weather blows through.

Ella & I spent lots of time outside walking, playing, raking, and gardening.

Here she is with her baby stroller. She eventually got tired of dealing with the cracks in the sidewalk and just picked it up. Smarty.

We're getting ready to plant bulbs, something I've never done. Then again, I've never really had a place for them. Ella kept busy (meaning she wasn't wandering away) by digging in the dirt with her spoon.

We were both happily digging when I glanced over at Ella. Her cheeks were full. Hmm. As soon as I asked her what she had in her mouth, she opened up and a clump of dirt came tumbling out. I take at least part of the blame for that one. After all, I did give her a spoon to use. What does she usually do with a spoon? Lesson learned.


  1. I totally understand! Elias ate a whole flower at the park today! He was quick and when I tried to scoop it out of his mouth he swallowed quickly and smiled up at me!


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