Sunday, May 20, 2012

Photo Friday: The Week

I meant to post these two days ago, but it didn't quite happen. So here are Friday photos on Sunday! Just a bunch of pictures from the last week.

Before you take a look at the pictures, though, vote in the right sidebar on whether you think Baby Olsen #2 will be a boy or a girl. There's not much time left and I'm super curious to see what you think!

A morning walk discovery: a worm!
Ella took this photo of the little worm
a pink pedicure
cuddling with her puppy after a bath
it was a hot day...
but Miss Ella insisted on mittens
my happy little purchase of the week :)
put it on the calendar! this mama straightened & curled her hair. it's been a long time since that's happened
Mama Bex dropped these off for the baby. Ella quickly claimed them.

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