Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Cards for Ava

This week is Miss Ava's third birthday. We want to make the occasion very special for her, wherever she ends up celebrating. She may still be in the hospital, though everyone is hoping she'll be home. For something special and memorable, we're asking as many people as possible to send a birthday card for her. We know Ava would love it. If you have my address, you can send it right to my house. Otherwise, cards can be dropped off at the Duluth Vineyard Church on by Wednesday at 5 or sent there at any time:

Ava Hirschoff
c/o Duluth Vineyard Church
1533 W Arrowhead Road
Duluth, MN 55811

Yesterday, Miss Ella & I had the opportunity to visit Ava in the hospital while we were in Minneapolis. We had contemplated if it would be the right thing for the girls at this point. Maybe it would scare Ella or perhaps Ava wouldn't be up for it. In the end, we decided it was worth a try. I'm so glad we did. And I'm thankful that Ella's daddy works in a hospital, so she's very comfortable in the environment.

Ella & Ava (taken in Oct 2011)
It was really good to see the girls together again. Last week, Ava had her second brain surgery and has been on a slow process of recovery. She is being fed through a feeding tube in her nose and is having a hard time swallowing and talking. I tried to prepare Ella for these changes in her friend before we saw her, but the moment Ella was in the room with Ava, it didn't seem to matter. I think Ella was intrigued by all of those things, but it didn't change how she interacted with her. It's so different for little ones, isn't it? I think they see beyond the differences far easier than we do as adults. They don't think about the complications and what all of those differences may mean. Ella was gentle and quiet, but still wanted to play. And that's exactly what we did.

 After Ava was unhooked from all of her tubes and such, the girls got to go on a couple of long wagon rides through the unit halls. Ella blew bubbles and giggled when they popped on Ava's cheeks. Ava gave a sweet little smile each time. Then Ella held up the bubble wand so Ava could blow a few bubbles. I could tell it was hard for Ava to blow hard enough to create more than one bubble, but it was also clear that it made her happy to try. After a few laps in the wagon, we returned to Ava's room for games with the physical therapist. Ella got to participate, which I think was a fun change for Ava. Then Ava cuddled up on her mama's lap to rest. What a sweet, sweet girl Miss Ava is. Jesus made her incredibly special. I'm so glad that Ella has such a friend.

Honestly, it's not at all easy to write this. All of the changes that have come to Ava and her family in the last 4-5 weeks are heartbreaking. I hate thinking of the many questions they have while still needing to make countless decisions. Big decisions. I usually hold the tears for Ella's sake or when I'm playing with the girls. I want them to enjoy their time together and not be worried about sadness or hurt. But each time we leave Ava, I can't help but cry. No one, especially a little girl who is about to turn three, should be put through such things. I hate seeing the hurt and sadness in Ava's mama's eyes. I want to sit and weep alongside her. I so dearly want God to come in and do a miracle in completely healing Ava of this tumor. That's what I pray for. I also pray for peace and comfort for Ava's family, but always for a miracle, too.

Please keep praying for Ava and her family. A few big decisions have to be made in the next few days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ava's Caring Bridge page can be found by clicking here.

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  1. What a great idea!! Our card is in the mail:)


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