Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mommy & Me Photos

A few weeks ago, before the arrival of our little Sammy, Ella & I had a very special date for a Mommy & Me photo session. Lindsay of Lindsay Brisbin Photography met us at a nearby nature center where Ella and I played and played while the photos were taken. I'll treasure these pictures as our time just as "Mommy & Me" was about to change. My Ella is an incredibly special girl. I'm am beyond blessed to be her mama.

Family: If you'd like prints, please let me know over email!

Sam continues his stay in the NICU though he is improving every day. Today he took two bottles during feedings and didn't need to get anything through his tube for those meals. I was incredibly proud of him! His oxygen is getting better. Those are the two factors keeping him in the hospital - feedings and oxygen. Once we've got those covered, he'll be able to come home. We try not to guess when that will be since it can be quite a disappointment to reach a hoped-for day and not get to take him home. Please continue to pray that he will be able to leave the NICU very soon. This mama is having a hard time not cuddling her two kiddos in the same place. 

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  1. What beautiful photos!!! You will treasure these forever. You have such darling children - we are so blessed to watch them grow! We're praying for Sam to come home soon.


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