Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homegrown Night Out

Two weeks ago, Mama Bex & I met up downtown to see our brother Jake and his band, Dead Guys, play at Homegrown. Homegrown is a week-long music fest that happens every spring at bars and restaurants all across Duluth and Superior with about 150 local musical acts.

This was actually the first time I've seen Jake's band play live. (Jake's the lead vocalist.) I LOVED it. They are definitely a group that was made to be seen live.

Zac, Josiah, Jake
 No, it's not typical to sit on the floor of a bar at a show like this, but this mama's back needed the break. Not a whole lot of dancing going on for me.

Thankfully, Mama Bex joined me, so I wasn't sitting all alone. What a good sis.

Here's a recording of Damn & Blast that Jake wrote. (Damn & Blast is a quote from C.S. Lewis)

To check out a couple Dead Guy recordings, click here.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent a birthday card for Ava last week. Her parents had hoped to come back home to Duluth on her birthday where a few of us had planned a quiet birthday party with her friends. Unfortunately, she was rushed back to the hospital that morning for an emergency surgery to remove fluid that had built up on her brain. She remained in the hospital over the weekend and had a surgery yesterday to place a shunt to handle the fluid that continues to put pressure on her brain. Later in the week, she may have surgery to get a feeding tube placed in her tummy as well as a trach. Jeff & Janell are really asking for healing of her throat so she regain her ability to swallow and not need the trach. And of course, we're always, always praying for a miracle.


  1. I don't know why I am always surprised to see jake all grown up! What a fun time I am sure it was to see him play!
    My heart is breaking for sweet a va and her family, I continue to pray. If you feel like I could be of any help please pass my info on to them, I can drop off a home cooked meal at the hospital or a cup of caribou and some magazines, or provide a house for them to come rest At, whatever, just let me know if you see any needs.

  2. Chanda, thank you so much. I'll definitely keep your offer in mind when I talk to Janell. Fortunately, they do have family near, so Janell & the baby have been sleeping there while Jeff stays in the hospital with Ava. Your prayers are amazing!


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