Monday, December 6, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus

The cupcakes were a success! I ended up making 210 of them and had just 10 remaining at the end of the event. I do have pictures, but Pete has the computer with him while he's on call until tomorrow morning, so I have to wait to post them. I was pretty excited with how they turned out, so it will be fun to share!

In the meantime, here is a picture I took earlier this afternoon. It was Ella's first time on the city bus! We had great fun. We went to pick up the Jeep at the hospital since this mama didn't want to get up long before the crack of dawn this morning to drive the Doc in. The stop is half a mile from our house, which is lovely. Thanks to my free student pass, I'm sure we'll be taking many more rides on the good ol' DTA through the next couple years.

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