Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Wisconsin Christmas

Last Wednesday morning we loaded up the Jeep and drove four hours to Pete's parents' house in Wisconsin. Auntie Kat flew in from Baltimore and Ella's godmother, Auntie Kristin, came from Appleton. Ella absolutely loved all the attention she got for two whole days. We had a big Chrsitmas feast complete with meat balls and mountains of cookies on Wednesday night and spent most of the Christmas Eve Eve (Thursday) relaxing. Ella and I developed a lovely pair of colds following all the gift-finishing hubub, so a time to rest was quite welcome. What a time we had at Grandma & Grandpa's!

Here are a few pictures from our days in central Wisconsin. Although I usually take most of my pictures on my iPhone, it wasn't ideal this time around since the gift-opening happened at night. Next time I'll be sure to have the regular camera on hand for the tricky, darker shots.

Grandma & Granpa and Auntie Kristin with Ella.

Daddy, that's one big bow!
Ella in her new sled from Grandma & Grandpa (with Pooh, too)
Faster, Daddy, faster!
Pete, Ella, Grandpa Olsen
We had a lot of fun in Wisconsin, but our Christmas had only begun. I'll post more pictures soon from the Scott Christmas at our house in Duluth, as well as our Christmas Day festivities.

One more thing. I'm super excited to share that I received word last Wednesday that I've been accepted to grad school! I'll begin my Master of Education in January through the University of Minnesota Duluth. A lot of the class load is online, so I'll continue to be at home with Ella while completing the two-year program. I'm happy to be working toward furthering my education and continuing to prepare for my dream of teaching abroad. Your prayers are very much appreciated as I prepare to begin classes and make arragements for Ella so that I will have enough time to study each week. Yay!

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