Tuesday, December 28, 2010


On Christmas night, Pete, Ella and I braved the cold and wind to experience Bentleyville, a display of innumerable lights along the Duluth harbor. While we were dating, Pete & I started going to Bentleyville. At that time, the smaller (yet still incredible) lighting attraction was outside a small town near Duluth in a family's yard. It's grown well beyond that now with free cookies & hot chocolate, fires in barrels for making free smores, and of course, they big guy from the North Pole. With all the distractions, Ella didn't mind the cold a bit! She was quite a trooper and we were able to hustle through nearly the entire little city of lights in about 20 minutes.

Daddy started by pulling her in her new sled, but then we realized all the paths were cement and very well shoveled. The sled went back to the parking lot.

Ah, the ever-impressive entrance to Bentleyville.

Ella met a penguin!
Mama & Ella in the tunnel
The enormous Christmas tree kept time with the music pumping through the speaker system. I love the look of the lift bridge behind everything.
Maybe next year we'll go in time for Ella to visit Santa. We'll just make sure the weather is above 20. Well, we'll try anyway.


  1. You guys are cute. :)

  2. We always wanted to go there while we lived in Duluth, but the one time we drove out there, it closed down because of a huge snow storm. We were pretty disappointed! Looks like it's a fun place!


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