Saturday, July 3, 2010


On Friday, June 25 our little Ella celebrated her first birthday. It was a big day! We spent part of it getting ready for her party and another part of the day with Grandpa & Grandma Scott and Grandpa & Grandma Olsen. Great-Grandma Scott and Auntie Kristin joined us as well. We had sloppy joes and potato salad before more friends joined us for the big celebration at 6:30. I love to make desserts and wanted to come up with a way to make as many of them for the party as possible. Therefore, we had the party after dinner and only served cakes, cookies, and ice cream. Mmm!

Here Grandpa Olsen is helping Ella with her new stroller. It's one of her very favorite things now. She pushes her dolls around and around the living room and would rather not let go of it even when we pick her up and carry her to another room.

Miss Ella's birthday cake. I made a triple layer, white cake with pink vanilla frosting. I have three little cake pans I was able to use for it. I had no idea how I was going to decorate it until I started with the white icing and - voila! - this is what was created!

Ella wasn't sure what to think of the cake. We sang, Daddy helped her blow out the candle and...

...she cried! Ella reached for the candle right after it was blown out, got a little too close to the wick, and got scared. Poor thing. Look at that face!

A little frosting served as an excellent distraction. She delicately pinched the white frosting off the top of the cake. Eventually Pete "helped" her by showing how to properly eat a birthday cake. In the end, she ended up with frosting on her face, her arms, and in her hair.

Below are the other desserts at the party. Raspberry-filled cupcakes, blackberry cheesecake, my grandma's pretzel-strawberry dessert, chocolate-strawberry cake and Grandma Olsen's caramel brownies. Yum!

Cousin Malena had great time at the party! She'll be one in just four weeks. Ella seemed to love having her at the party until Malena tried to play with the new stroller. That's where Ella drew the line. She's quite fond of her new toy!

Happy birthday, Miss Ella!

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