Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grandma's Marathon

I keep telling myself that I'll get around to posting pics from Grandma's marathon, but now that nearly an entire month has gone by since the big race, I think it's as good a time as any.

When I was pregnant, I decided that I wanted to run a marathon after the baby was born. Not just any marathon. I wanted to run Grandma's Marathon, a nationally recognized running event held every June in Duluth. I've done the half (13.1 miles) twice before but had never attempted the full (26.2 miles). I registered in August of last summer so I couldn't back out and started training in January. I enjoy running, but it's never been a huge part of my routine. I didn't start running at all until a few years ago. In training for a full, though, it had to become a part of my regular workouts. I've been doing P90X (an extreme at-home workout & nutrition program) for over three years, which gave me a great base for running. I read a couple books, chose a training plan, bought the right equipment, and started putting on miles.

I am happy to say that on Saturday, June 19 I completed my goal of running my first marathon, and I did it in under 5 hours (another goal). My parents, sister, niece, and dear friend Shauna were all on the sidelines cheering alongside my two favorite fans - Pete & Ella. What a day!

My brother Jake & I rode the shuttle to Two Harbors for the start of the race. This was the third time he's run the full marathon during Grandma's weekend, and he got his best time! He finished in 3:51. Nice work, Jake!

Pete, Ella & Shauna cheered for runners while waiting for me to pass. Ella even wore my jacket.

Ella took a nap.

And played.

After I ran by them, they hurried down to the finish. Here is a pic of Pete handing Ella to me as I came down the last stretch.

Ella & I finished together!

26.2 miles!

Thanks to decent training, great support from Pete, my fam, and friends, and with the help of Sally (my new friend I met at mile 2 and ran with through the next 24 miles) my marathon experience was amazing. I actually think I might do another!

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  1. W-O-W! Good job! I've always wanted to run a marathon (or at least a half), but I'm not sure I could ever do it. What an accomplishment!!! Congrats!


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