Friday, December 13, 2013

A Very Family Thanksgiving

For months before Thanksgiving this year, we had planned that we would spend a quiet day with turkey & cranberries at home because of Pete's work schedule. However, just a few days before the day actually arrived, Pete's schedule got a bit busier, so I decided to take the kids to see the families! It meant a lot of time in the car, but that was excused by all the cuddles and play time with aunts & uncles. I'm so very glad we got to soak in the holiday!

On Wednesday afternoon, we drove to the middle of Wisconsin to visit Pete's parents and sisters. The trip has great potential to take just four hours, but it somehow stretches to nearly five when the kids are along! We used to be able to make it through with one short stop at the halfway point, but such is no longer the case. It's partly my fault, I admit. If I simply made one stop at a fast food place, we could probably get going a lot faster. Instead, I tend to stop at a big store where we end up buying things we forgot and walking down isles looking at things we don't need. This time, however, we had cash registers malfunction, a diaper overflow, and to top it off, a snide comment from a woman on our way out of the bathroom. With Sam in one arm, a bag tucked under the other and Ella's hand in mine, I wanted to sit on a bench and cry. Instead, we made it to the car, buckled in, flipped on a movie for Ella and public radio for me, and we were headed once again down the highway. Eight minutes later, just as I was settling into the flow of the road and sipping a coffee, the gas light turned on. Ugh. We did eventually make it, though, and Sam was ready for his Papa time.

Auntie Kristin was there and so was Auntie Kat. Kat flew in all the way from the East Coast, so I'm especially glad we were able to make it for Thanksgiving.

Ella performed a little interpretive ballet for everyone.

The kids adore visiting Nana & Papa "without the puppies" as Ella calls them. I love visiting, too. The kids get lots of play time with their aunties and cuddles with their grandparents. I even get to sleep in, which is absolutely dreamy.

Friday afternoon we packed in the car and headed back to Duluth. Guess what? It took us just four hours with only one short stop at a gas station. Happens every time when we're headed home. Pete was working over night, but we all met for breakfast in the morning before the kids and I drove to central Minnesota to my parents' house. The entire family was there!

Sam got some cuddle time with Uncle Jake...

and Wyatt...

...and Maira! The boy is fairly irresistible.

Then he was ready to eat!

So were the little girls at the kids' table. Good thing Great Grandma was there to keep and eye on all their shenanigans.

Happy Thanksgiving, Malena!

Maira eventually ditched the kids' table to catch dessert with the adults.

My beautiful sister, Jenny, and her sweet Wyatt. I love these two!

Meet Adam, Becky's new boyfriend. He seemed to fit in well with our crazy family antics. We really like him!

Jenny's boyfriend, Jason, also braved the wild Scott holiday. My brother Mike's girlfiend, Cara, was also in attendance, but I somehow didn't catch their picture. It was a full house, which felt quite perfect!

After dinner, Uncle Mike pulled out balloons and recruited our dad to make a few balloon animals for the kiddos. Remember I recently mentioned my dad used to be a professional clown?

We still occasionally beg him to bust out his skills for a few jokes or balloon critters. How many families can say that?!

Silly boy.

I just love this family!

I know we're well into the Christmas season, but after an entire month without posting, I had to get these up. We'll now be moving into the wintery loveliness!

Speaking of posting, we're getting really close to being ready to launch the new blog! I've taken the last month to slow things down a bit because once the new blog is up, I'll be writing multiple times each week. I just saw the first draft of the new design and am super excited to share it with you. It will be up before the New Year, so be sure to check back!


I leave you with this - Pete's beard from No Shave November. He grew it out for the entire month, which is a unique way raise cancer awareness. I don't know about you, but I prefer the beard. Pete thinks it's more professional to shave for work, though. I just love that mountain man look!

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  1. I am so happy that you were able to share your Thanksgiving with your wonderful families. I was especially thankful this year for the care that Pete gave me in helping me deal with my health issues and even more grateful that he has shared his family with me. My life is better because of your family's love.


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