Friday, November 15, 2013

Photo Friday

 Every Saturday morning, we take Ella to her creative movement class at The Minnesota Ballet downtown. I love walking into the building to be surrounded by all of its art and artists. The Ballet is located in a few studio rooms in the basement while the stage is on the main level. I once did a show there with one of Duluth's theatre companies, The Duluth Playhouse, while I was in college. Such good memories. Now, being there with Ella, make my heart sing. 

After ballet, Ella and I went on a date. We began at the public library. How great are these books painted on an enormous pillar outside the building?

Cuddles with Daddy after a morning of playing at church. 

Shortly after church, we went to lunch with my sister & her girls. Sam was sporting his new shirt from the National Down Syndrome Society. It was designed by Kelle Hampton, the mama I wrote about in this post a couple weeks ago.

This is what happens when you're off playing and fill your diaper, which then also covers your clothes and mama doesn't have extras. Nakedness!

Ella's new school picture! Isn't she beautiful?!

Ella didn't have school Thursday or Friday this week, so she accompanied us to Sam's OT and PT appointments. She is such a good big sister.

It's getting chilly here! Winter is certainly on its way.


This last one is a picture I posted on Instagram this week while shopping. I shared some real feelings when I posted it, so I'll copy what I wrote with the photo since it's something I'm working on daily.

I went to buy a needed pair of jeans today & was not impressed with the experience. I've struggle to get back in pre-Sammy, healthy shape, but I'm taking steps to change that. I realized, standing in the fitting room, that I was able to make a choice. I'm so happy to say that I chose to be confident & happy, even if I have a fitness journey ahead. I'm incredibly thankful for other mamas who have set a strong example of real beauty & to be the a child of a King who adores me. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


  1. Love the shirt from NDSS that Sam is wearing! How do I purchase one or can I?
    Kenzie Deel

    1. Kenzie, They were only available for a short time, but I recently got an email saying that they will probably be selling them again. I'll forward the email when they do start again. They come in various sizes & colors and are super cute! I hope you're doing well!


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