Monday, March 21, 2011

Today Is World Water Day

water changes everything.

A couple years ago, someone mentioned to me that simply learning more about a specific topic can open your eyes and heart to it. At that time I felt that I cared about the issue of clean water around the world. I had seen first hand the impact that water can have on a community after living in a small village in Honduras, but after reading articles, searching websites, and talking with people directly involved in clean water projects, I've been amazed at how my heart has really opened to the incredible need around our world.

In light of World Water Day, I want to encourage you to take a look at a few notable resources to simply become more aware of the problem our world is facing. It's not to get you down or push you to donate to projects. I'm only posting these resources so that you can learn the facts. They've really changed my own thinking.

A great place to start for very quick numbers is at the charity:water website. Today they've posted a page that shows how water changes everything. You may remember that a year and a half ago for my 28th birthday, Pete set up a charity:water page so that friends could donate money to build new wells in Africa. We raised nearly $200 that went directly to clean water projects. Sweet!

A quick fact sheet of water numbers is available from Compassion.

If after reading these resources, you feel like you do want to help on World Water Day, I encourage you to check out this page on the Compassion website. Compassion is a very trustworthy organization that operates around the world to provide care for children and communities in Jesus' name. Pete, Ella & I have been supporting a little girl in Tanzania for a little over a year and have been incredibly blessed through letters we've received from 6 year-old Esther. The page I've posted above tells how you can help bring clean water to communities in Tanzania.

As I mentioned, none of this is to make you feel bad or push you to donate to a water cause. Rather, it's a way to share the importance of the issue. Simply knowing more makes a huge difference.

Top image is from charity:water.

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