Thursday, March 24, 2011


My mama dreams are coming true. My dear little Ella is now old enough to splash through the puddles and completely enjoy it. Last week we went on our first puddle excursion. We started in the yard and stomped through every puddle. Then we moved on to the sidewalk and down the street. We even included mud puddles!

Ella discovered a drain in the alley behind our house. She kept saying, "agua, agua" in her little voice. We spent a good amount of time just watching the water rushing down the street into the drain. Such discoveries really are exciting!

Now we've entered the adventure of trying to find rain boots that will fit Miss Ella's little feet. Not an easy task so far. Every place around here is sold out or doesn't carry a size 4. I think we'll end up ordering them online. It'll be worth it not to have soaking wet feet after each tromp through the puddles. And I know there will be many more tromps. She's been asking every day since our first.

Nana & Bapa Olsen are here to stay the night with Ella while Pete & I enjoy a night up the shore. I don't even care what we do so long as it doesn't involve talk of diapers or timeouts. We're ready for a little time away.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Elias loves the puddles too....but he loves to touch them, so we end up with soggy mittens! It is a ton of fun! I saw really little rain boots at Old Navy, they were yellow, so maybe a bit boyish, but I think they had that size.
    Enjoy your weekend away, so fun, so worth it!


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