Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo Ketchup ... Make that Catch Up

I could sit and make each of these photos into their own little post, but that might hinder the creation of further posts that would actually be up-to-date, so here are blips of all those posts rolled into one. And...go!

We bundled up just before Thanksgiving for the annual Christmas City of the North parade in downtown Duluth. We didn't quite make it long enough to see the big guy in red make his way into town.

The Mini Mama loves playing with her baby.

And reading her books.

Plush Pooh is not meant for the bath, but these things happen faster than a mama can react.

Since little Pooh was soaked through & through, we decided to get him all squeaky clean.

Ella helped me whip up a few batches of Scandinavian krumkake for Christmas gatherings.

My taste tester gave the official eating three!

Ella's first bike ride at a friend's house.

Stirring up our own bubble recipe.

Apparently they tasted yummy too!

A winter visit to Betty's Pies, an incredibly popular summer destination for locals & tourists alike, was a quiet way to spend an afternoon.

The perfect winter treat - a warm pasty at Betty's Pies.

We enjoyed the company of a few truckers while we had our pie.

Oh, that Dr. Seuss.

Daddy, I'm so glad you're home from work! Mmmmwah!

Mama Bex, Malena, Ella & I hangin' out at Uncle Jake's place on a sunny afternoon. Malena shared her Goldfish with her cuz.

The girls are in love with Uncle Jake's guitar.

And that is that! Now we can move on to the last of the Christmas pictures, including the Scott family Christmas and Christmas Day festivities. Then it's on to 2011!

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