Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Shower & a Diaper Cake

Baby Maira is set to arrive any day! I recently threw a diaper shower for Mama Bex (my younger sis, Becky) to help prepare her for the big event. Malena has been practicing her big sister skills and even has a shirt to show off her new roll.

I made this banner with the baby's name as a simple way to decorate our party space and celebrate the little one on the way. It's made out of paper and fabric ribbon but would be super cute made entirely on fabric. It was a super fast and easy project.

Following the diaper theme of the shower, I decided to make a diaper cake to play double duty as a center piece and my baby gift. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I even used the extra diapers to make a little decoration for the gift table.

I had never made a diaper cake, so I took a look at a few tutorials online to get some ideas. I personally prefer to keep the diapers as flat as possible, rather than rolling each one individually as many cakes do. The first couple layers were made of size 2 diapers while the top two layers were size 1. I used a ribbon with a slip knot to keep the diapers from falling all over while putting it together. Another great idea for the cake is to hide little gifts inside, which also gives it some internal stability. Wipes and big bottles of baby lotion work well.

However, after really considering the mama who would be using the cake, I replaced the wipes with a bottle of Diet Dew. It is, after all, the staple of every home in the Scott/Johnson family. I know Mama Bex will put that Diet Dew to good use after Maira arrives.

Here is the nearly finished product. There are endless ways to decorate these babies. (Well, no, they're for the babies, actually.) Anyway, I bought my ribbon on major clearance at Michaels after Christmas. I've seen pictures of other cakes covered with baby toys and travel-size lotions.

Ella & I are getting excited for a sleepover with Malena when Becky heads to the hospital. It won't be long before Maira is here!

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