Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caleb's Cookies

Nearly every Friday for the past few months, Caleb & Owen have spent the day at our house. Their mom, Jenny, and I were swapping child care. Ella was spending Thursdays with them while I was at school. When the boys are here, we find all kinds of fun things to do. We've baked cupcakes and cookies, played games, and even sewed a purse for their older sister, Sophia. Caleb & I save the more intense projects for nap time so Owen & Ella don't distract us from the details. It's been a huge shift for me to get used to having a 5 year-old boy around. His energy is far different from Ella's! We've had a great time finding fun projects, though. Here's a glimpse...

Caleb was ready to bake with one of my old aprons and the step stool.

We pretended he was a French baker with that apron.

Rolling out the sugar cookie dough.

We were all excited for the cookies to be ready.

This was Caleb's special cookie for Pete. Can you tell what it is? Take a sideways glance. It's a motorcycle!

Sadly, we have only one more month of Fridays with the boys. Then they will be moving to Colorado. Their dad will be the new lead pastor of a Vineyard church out there. Ella is losing her boyfriend! (Remember the kissing photo?) Happily, Ella & I are planning to visit them in August when we trek out that way on a trip with my parents. We'll miss them a whole lot!

I feel like I should explain why I haven't been posting much lately. First, we were all quite sick last week. Pete had strep like you wouldn't believe and missed a good number of days of work. I wasn't on top of my game, but I was still somewhat functional. Good thing, since Ella had no intention of slowing down, sick or not. Following the sickness, Pete was busy busy busy studying for his third board test, which is today and tomorrow. He's needed the computer for that. On top of that, I've been filling my time with play dates, projects, and lots of sewing. School starts this weekend (yeehaw!) so my time won't exactly be opening up, but I will try to post more often. I love having all of our adventures documented so that I can someday have them for Ella.

So that's that! If you're in Minnesota...stay warm! It's -4 at the moment and that doesn't factor in windchill. Yikes. See? Perfect time for sewing.

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  1. Good luck with school and all your sewing. I seem to blog more when I'm not sewing, so I guess that's the truth for some others too!
    Way to take on the boys, I don't think i would of been so up for it, even with only have one child a short few months ago, but I guess it does depend on who's it is, right?


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