Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Great View

We recently made a trip to Ikea for a little browsing with my friend, Kim, and her little girl, Aria. Since Pete had the stroller in the back of his car, I decided to see how Ella would do for her first ride in the front of the cart. She loved it! We cruised through the unending maze that is Ikea while Ella smiled at every person we passed. I think she was feeling happy about having such a great view. I was so proud of my big girl!

Ella loves standing and walking along anything she can. One day I discovered that this plant box (a centerpiece from our wedding!) is a great level for her in the living room. I put one of my weights in it so it won't tip, dropped in a couple toys, and let her play. She seems happy, doesn't she? (That's Izzy, her Cabbage Patch, in the box.)

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  1. Look at her getting so big! She's so pretty!
    Hugs to all of you!


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