Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Chicken!

Last night we ventured down a new road - Ella tried meat. We bought a few little jars of stage 2 chicken from Gerber. After Pete fed her some peas and applesauce, he opened the chicken. It was hilarious! Ok, maybe not quite so hilarious for her, but we practically ended up on the floor laughing. (Is that bad parental support?) She furrowed her eye brows, stuck out her tongue, and gagged. Um, I guess that's a sign she's not a fan. I'm guessing it's only because it's thicker than anything she's had before. She didn't actually spit it out, but she really didn't want to swallow it. We tried two more bites to see if it would get any better. No luck. I think she was mad at us. Well, we'll try it again tomorrow and see if she's had a little time to get used to it. That's what worked when she didn't like fruit the first time she tried it. Oh, new experiences.

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