Saturday, August 29, 2009

Steele County Fair

Last week we drove down to Owatonna for the highly anticipated Steele County Free Fair. We often heard about the event while we were living in Owatonna last year. My students were raving about it even before school was out for the summer! We knew there really was no choice but to check it out ourselves.

We arrived at the fairgrounds and quickly realized we had greatly underestimated the magnitude of what Steele County had to offer. There were tons of booths, an impressive assortment of rides, and endless people. Ella was prepared to take on the crowd in her carrier, which she'd never used before arriving at the fair. We shifted her around in it until we found a position that she seemed to like. Babies are supposed to face the parent while in this, but she was much happier being able to look around. As you can see, she folded her arms under her chin and enjoyed the ride! Later, to avoid the sun, she rode in her stroller.

We had a great time at the Steele County Fair and now feel even more prepared for our next big adventure: the Minnesota State Fair.

Ella's ready!

all the excitement wore her out

Ella's first cheese curd? (maybe we'll wait till next summer)

Daddy makes due & changes Ella on a game counter

Sort of like a totem pole! with Verity (Dr. Jason's daughter)
Yum! a giant pickle

family pic at the fair

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  1. What precious photos - I love how she folder her chubby little arms like that! So content! Looked like a wonderful family outing. We love and miss you all!
    the PHillips


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