Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Apricot Scones

For the past couple weeks I've been dreaming of baking again, so I finally decided to choose a new recipe and give it a whirl during one of Ella's naps. This return to baking called for something adventurous, something completely new. In the end, I stepped out to make something truly grand. I made scones.

Ok, so it wasn't so grand or complicated, but it was something I had never made. I love scones, especially as a treat with coffee. I found a simple cherry scone recipe here on Martha Stewart's website (video included!). I easily substituted dried apricots for the cherries.

in the process...

final product!

I enjoyed making the scones, which is why I made three different kinds. I attempted another recipe with whole wheat, oats, apricots and raspberries. I think it called for too much buttermilk, because the scones turned out looking like big cookies. The batter was far too wet. They tasted okay but I'm not going to be handing those ones out. The third batch used the same recipe as the first, but I used fresh raspberries from Erin's garden and I shaped them into mini scones. They're pretty cute.

Although I enjoy baking all kinds of goodies, eating them is off limits. Unfortunate, I know. Pete and I share one mini version of what has been created just to make sure the recipe is okay before giving them to friends, but no more than that. How else am I supposed to shed this baby weight?

I think I'll try a new cookie recipe next...

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  1. What!?!? How can you bake them and not eat them? Baby weight, schmaby weight. That's what I say.


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