Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garage Sale Princess

Ella's adventure of the day: her first garage sale. At noon I drove up to see my mom, Grandma Scott, at her sister's house in Coon Rapids. I needed to run to the store, so Grandma took Ella for a stroll through the neighborhood. Not surprisingly, there was a garage sale down the street (a common occurrence on a Thursday morning). Although our little bug didn't buy anything this time, we're proud to say she's starting out as a thrifty shopper. Way to teach her how it's done, Grandma!

Friday we'll be making our first trek up to Duluth. We're looking forward to introducing Ella to one of our very favorite cities and maybe even dipping her toes in the lake. Only if it's not too cold. We'll be making one very special visit while in Duluth. Ella will be meeting her brand new cousin, Malena, for the first time. Malena was born last Tuesday to happy parents, Becky (my sister) and Darell. We'll definitely take lots of pictures of the first meeting. They're sure to be adorable!

Also, we'll be spending time with some very special guests in Minneapolis on Saturday and Sunday. Pete's parents, Grandma & Grandpa Olsen, will be visiting.

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