Friday, April 26, 2013

An Arizona Wedding

Last month Pete & I took a flight down to warm and sunny Phoenix, Arizona. It was my first time there, and I couldn't be more happy about the gorgeous weather. We went for Paden & Mindy's wedding. Pete & Paden have been buddies since their college days at St Olaf. The kids stayed behind with Grandma & Grandpa Olsen, so it was just us. Dreamy.

Do you want to know what I did on the flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix? Slept. I slept the entire way, and not once did I need to walk a curious little Ella to the closet-sized restroom. It was magical. We took a cab to our very chic downtown hotel, but it was 8am so we had a few hours to wait before actually checking in. Instead, I lounged with a coffee and my computer on a cozy couch in the lobby. Shortly after our arrival, Pete left with the guys to golf. Don't feel bad for me, thinking I was left behind. No, no, this was all a part of my plan. After an hour of time to myself, I walked across the street to a very cool salon and had my hair done. Mama was due for a highlight and cut, anyway, so the timing was perfect.

Friday night involved a short rehearsal at the church and then an outside dinner at an eclectic pizza place where Pete, my man who very rarely drinks anything other than a gin and tonic, actually found a wine that he likes. Don't worry, I took a picture of the bottle. It was a big find.

I loved getting to meet more of Pete's college friends. Paden is in the gray suit and his lovely wife is in the black dress beside him.

I've met Melissa before, one of Pete's friends from before I met him, but over the wedding weekend I actually got to hang out with her. She's so great! We had a lot of fun together.

On Saturday, we all headed to the church for a gorgeous ceremony in the oldest church in Phoenix. It just so happens that the bride's sister is the pastor there!

How handsome are these guys? Especially the little one. Too cute.

The ring bearer with his dad.

I can't post about Paden & Mindy's wedding and not tell the story of how they met. Both of their dads are Lutheran pastors. (Mine is too!) Something like 30 years ago, a bunch of guys met in seminary and started getting together every summer at a camp with all of their families. It just so happens that one was Mindy's family and one was Paden's. They grew up together, but they never pursued anything romantically until a few years ago. I guess they were hesitant to even try dating since their families were so close. Isn't that sweet? With so many Lutheran pastors and pastor's kids at the wedding, I felt right at home.

How cute are these fluffy dresses? The little ones are also so cute at a wedding.

The wedding party went out to take photos before the reception at this historic site. Perfect backdrop for pictures.

Pete with his close college friend, Eric. These two had a great time catching up over the weekend.

I have a picture just like this from my wedding, except we never really figured out how to get mine up. Isn't she beautiful?

For real, this reception was one of the chicest I've ever attended. It was on the hotel rooftop in downtown Phoenix.

And there was a cigar bar. We indulged.

What a joy it was to celebrate through the weekend with these two. I hope it isn't long before we see them again. I love watching Pete when he hangs out with close college friends, and I would really like to get to know Mindy better. They are a beautiful couple.

Congrats, Dr and Mrs Hendrickson!


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  1. Fun trip! Isn't it funny how relaxing a flight can be without kids? :)


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