Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo Friday: Sammy's Sale

Whoa. People were not joking when they said yard sales are a lot of work. I'm ready for bed and it's only 7:03. Could it be from the 3 short hours of sleep I got last night? I'm going to go ahead and say yes on that one. I'm not complaining though. Not a bit. I loved getting ready for the sale. I adore organizing and sorting and setting things up. I've wanted to try having a yard sale pretty much my entire life. And today was my day.

Early this morning
Do you want to know what I do NOT adore, though? Snippy garage salers who walk into my yard an hour before the sale begins and loudly complain, "This is all there is?" Um, ma'am, I just nursed my baby, am dressing my three year-old for preschool, frosted 30 dozen cupcakes, and got three whole hours of sleep. And now you're coming into MY yard and giving me sass? You can just turn right around and be excused. But of course, all I did was gently mention that the sale was scheduled to begin at 9 and items were still being set out.

Sammy's table

I knew it would happen. I had been warned. But what was I supposed to do? I had no other time to set everything out before the yard was bombarded with fanny-pack-wearing, quarter-shuffling salers. And holy moly, do they take their shopping seriously. I could not work fast enough for some of them. I'm quite sure they had a carefully mapped out plan of attack on every sale within a 30 mile radius and my snail-speed figuring of prices was slowing their pace.

Maira checking out the sale
And then promptly at 9am, when the sale was actually scheduled to begin, everything slowed. The rest of the day was completely enjoyable. We had a steady flow of shoppers who smiled and chatted and enjoyed the process of searching for treasures. Sammy cooed and smiled as guests paid for their goodies and left generous donations in Sammy's glass jar. And the weather was perfect. My mom and I spent the entire duration of the sale sitting in the yard, sliding our chairs every 30 minutes to stay in the shade. I'm actually looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. After the morning rush.

Nana Scott & Sammy
 Tomorrow I'll be ready for them. I'll wake at the crack of dawn to set up my tables. I'll set out my cupcakes and sit in my chair ready for their arrival. Then I'll look those crazy serious salers in the eyes and know I have them beat. 'Cause I will. I'm a mama, and mama's can do everything.


neighbors had a sale, too. these were my treasures.
Have a lovely weekend.

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