Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Brother & Sister

A long post with lots of pictures from Grandma & Grandpa's house last week is on its way but isn't quite ready yet. In the meantime, I'm posting these lovelies from play time this afternoon. The Pea Pod tent was delivered to us earlier today. We plan to use it for Sam's bed when we are in Kenya this winter. I've had friends rave about them, and we just happened to have a gift card for Target where they're available. So far, I'm in love! It's small and light and even looks like it was made for adventure. Ella is a huge fan and I didn't hear any complaints from Sam! They were both very happy to play in the tent side by side. Melt. My. Heart.


  1. I love these moments! No one makes our Lydie smile like her big brother!

  2. Too cute! I've been considering getting a pod for the beach, but I don't know if we'd use it enough. By the way, Kenya in the winter? I must have missed something!


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