Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Months & School Prep

Our little Sammy Sam celebrated two months yesterday! I haven't had much luck taking his picture, though. Yesterday I waited until too late in the day and had awful lighting. Today, the little guy refused to be set down without crying. I can't blame him, though. This morning he had his two month check up, which included a round of vaccinations. He's been either sleeping, eating, or cuddling ever since. Wait, isn't that just like every other day? Indeed it is, but today I could tell he was under the weather. Poor thing. So I still tried to snap a photo, hoping that the camera would capture a moment between wails, but I don't think we were quite successful. Here's what I was able to get.

See what I mean? His face was a little red but I think he was taking a breath so it doesn't look as much like he's crying. Goodness, now I feel bad for taking his picture at all with how upset he was. I didn't take long to do it, friends. I was quick about it. We'll try it again tomorrow when he's feeling better.


Miss Ella is a mere two weeks away from starting school. Not even two weeks, actually. She starts on Monday, August 6. The school has a summer program, which is why she's starting so early. It will help her get used to things before her real preschool program starts after Labor Day. She couldn't be more excited. When we last visited, she was told they have a garden, so every time someone mentions preschool, she talks about the garden. And they get to go on picnics. Can I go?

At the beginning of the week, we made a paper chain to help with the countdown to the first day of school. Each morning Ella tears off one link and can see how close we're getting.

I've always loved school. Loved loved. Like to the point of going to summer school during my elementary years just so I could be in classes. Those poor teachers. I hope they got paid a good amount to give up their own summers to be there with us. I don't know that I could do the same. I love teaching, but when summer hits, it's time to do all things summer. And in my books, that does not include school.

I've been so excited for Ella to start school that I started looking for a backpack and lunch box weeks ago. Sometimes when she puts on a cute outfit in the morning, I make a mental note of it being school worthy. Last night I finally found the perfect backpack. Not an easy task. So many bags are made for bigger kids and I really wanted something cute and preschoolish. I'm giddy about it and can't wait to get it in the mail. I'm going to wrap it up and we'll give it to her the morning she starts school. It's even going to have her name embroidered on it! I also like to picture her wearing it through the airport on our way to Kenya. It's going to be the cutest little carry-on ever. Are you curious to see it? I'll be sure to take a photo of Ella with it the first morning of school. Until then, it's a surprise. (So don't mention it to Miss Ella, okay?)


I can't resist sharing this little video that Pete shot while I was out the other day. (He was home long enough for me to visit my favorite antique store in Canal Park!) She's been wearing my shoes as often as I allow her to, and as you'll see in the video, her balance is amazing. She's been that way since the first time she tromped around in my heels at about 18 months.

Have you had a cupcake this week?

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