Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project: Lamp Post

Since the flood (saying that makes me think of Noah), we've been working on a few yard projects. There are things we haven't been too keen on since we moved in two years ago, but we decided to work on inside projects first. One of the quick projects was to repaint the lamp post and put on new numbers. We looked at different number options at Home Depot, but all were more than we wantwd to spend. Then we spied these fancy numbers and were set to go (2 or 3 dollars a piece). I spray painted the post one night and attached the numbers the next morning. The brass matches the handle on our front door and stands out so visitors can finally tell what ort house number is. I still have to paint around the glass on the top of thr lamp, but the rest is finished. I'm happy with the result!

Ok, I realize this isn't a super exciting post, but I'm posting from my phone since Pete has the computer. I'll have lots of photos to come of Miss Ella's birthday party yesterday!

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