Saturday, October 15, 2011

Run, Girlies, Run

Oh, my dear friends, I do so wish that I could sit and write all of my intended blog updates rather than write a paper today. Alas, I have to choose the latter. At least it's an interesting paper. To me anyway. I'm beginning to narrow things down for my thesis, which I'll be working on for the next 14-15 months. Good thing I think it's interesting, right? I'm going in the direction of high school students who are struggling readers and what their teachers can do to help. (Did you have any idea that studies show that 70% of all high school students struggle with reading in some way? No lie! That's a lot!) I was working with struggling readers before Ella was born, so I'm happy to be getting back to it in this way. It'll be very helpful when I go back to teaching.

Anyway, I didn't want any more time to pass before posting these pictures of our races two weeks ago in St Paul. The whole weekend was beautiful. Perfect running and cheering weather - partly sunny skies and 60 degrees. Yes, please.

I'm so excited to share that Miss Ella ran her very first race! She didn't know what to think when SHE got the number this time, instead of Mama.

Daddy took her to meet the race's mascot. I thought it might scare her, but after he walked away she kept running after him. 

And then came the race! Waves were separated by age, so she ran with one of the two-year-old groups. You should have seen her go! As soon as they blew the horn, she was off, stepping right over the little boy who laid down in the grass in front of her at the start. I had to run to keep up with her, unlike many of the parents who had to coax their children along the course. And, I must add, she was going so fast that she knocked a little boy over and kept right on going. I quickly picked him up, said sorry to the dad, and moved to catch up with my little runner.


Ella seemed a little disappointed when we reached the end and I picked her up...until they put a medal around her neck. She couldn't believe it was for her. I was so proud!

This little diaper dash was too adorable.

Ella's race was on Saturday morning. Sunday morning was the 30th Twin Cities Marathon. You didn't know I was training for another marathon? Don't feel bad if I didn't tell you. I wasn't sure I'd be prepared for it, so I didn't tell many people. The race was on October 2. It started at the Metrodome in Minneapolis (where the Vikings play), wound around the Lakes (gorgeous!), along the Mississippi River, and ended at the State Capitol building in St. Paul. That's 26.2 miles. And I finished. I was so happy to run over the finish line and get my medal. Next time I'll train a bit more...if I can find the time. 


Aaaaand...back to writing that paper. I'll put up another Olsen update when I need another break. Thanks for reading! Have a lovely weekend!

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