Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Day of Apples: Part 1

Never to miss our beloved Apple Fest, we recently made the trek to Bayfield, Wisconsin for the apple festivities. This time we took our new friends, Eli & Krista, to partake in the joy of apple picking, cheese curds, apple chili, and brisk, fall air. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, taking in the loveliness of the small town.
Ella & her new friend, Eli
 We have pictures with this cuddly creature on every Bayfield trip.

Ella was a bit hesitant at first
but a quick cuddle helped break the ice
then she couldn't leave without a kiss

Our first food stop is, without argument or a second thought, for cheese curds.

apparently the doctors recommend them!
Nice work, Daddy. Show her how it's done.

sitting on the pier with artist tents in the background

self-taken family photo
can you tell she's crazy about her daddy?

We love this bridge. It's beauty is inexplicable, particularly in the fall. A single path runs beneath it, surrounded by thick trees in all shades of autumn. In the distance, there is a gorgeous, sparkling view of Lake Superior and the sailboats between Bayfield and Madeline Island.

Eli & Krista
After spending the first half of the day in town, we headed out to the orchards. Ella loved picking the little red fruit off the trees all on her own, and we have plenty of pictures to prove it! Those will be coming soon...

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