Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colorado: Day 7

This morning we said goodbye to the fair village of Keystone, Colorado and made our way to another Keystone. Interesting, isn't it? We are now staying near Keystone, South Dakota, only a few munutes from the majestic Mount Rushmore. Tomorrow we'll explore the park and see the gigantic stone carvings. Of course it will be a first for Ella, but it will be one for me, too. When we visited Mount Rushmore when I was a mere four years of age, it was too foggy to see. I'm really looking forward to the adventure.
On our way through Denver this morning, we had the opportunity to visit Mile High Vineyard. That's something I've wanted to do for a long time. I really enjoy listening to Pastor Jay Pathak's messages on iTunes, especially when I'm running. He's young & funny & a great teacher. You can find his messages on iTunes by searching for Mile High Vineyard.
We're all tucked in bed in our little cabin and it's only 9:20. Our excuse is that we're moving back to Central Time so it's 10:20. The truth, though, is that we're going through a sort of rest from our vacation. Isn't that a funny concept? We've been moving & moving, so now we need a rest. We'll take it easy tomorow in the hopes that we'll return from our vacation refreshed. Either way, it's been great!
1: a lunch stop made one little girl very happy. Isn't that why they call them
Happy Meals?
2: hiding from Papa in the back seat
3: our little cabin for Sunday & Monday nights
4 & 5: at Hill City Cafe for dinner

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  1. i love the black hills. I hope you had a great time there!


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