Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Colorado: Day 3

Oh no! The end of my post was cut off! Here is what it said:

After getting coffee, we drove over the mountains to Breckenridge. An adorable town! We walked up & down the steeets before the shops opened and eventually visited a few once the town came alive. My only purchase was a recipe binder for all of my recipe collections, something I'd been looking for for a few months. We eventually settled in at my Mom's favorite restaurant in town - a yummy Mexican place. (I do wonder, though, how many restaurants in Breckenridge she's visited. She tends to stick to the same place once she finds something she likes. It's an endearing quality my mother has.) 

Just up the street was a little cupcake shop, so we definitely stopped. Ella & I shared a Rocky Mountain cupcake to honor our vacay locale. She got most of the frosting. 

On our way back to Keystone, we stopped at an overlook and found a whole lot of incredibly social chipmunks. Ella fed them right out of her hand! I have video too, but I dont know if I can post it from my phone at the moment. 
We ended the day by watching a mountain bike race on the mountains right behind our condo. It was exciting! I especially liked watching the 10 year-olds. 

Lots to see & do tomorrow! First...sleep. I'm exhausted!

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