Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine Sugar High Party

What do you get when you start out with this...

...and add these...

...and this?

A Valentine Sugar High!

To celebrate the special day of love this year, Ella and I dressed in our Valentine red & pink, slipped on the red, sparkly ballet flats (Ella's favorite) and headed to the Second Annual Sugar High party hosted by our dear friends Jake & Diana. Jake provided the decorations but couldn't actually be at the party. Diana was an amazing hostess, providing bowls and bowls of red, sugar-covered everything and fun activities for the kiddos.

Here's Ella in her very own "pirate love hat."

Notice the red something in Ella's hand above? That's a Peep. Quite the popular item in the Johnson/Scott family tradition, no matter the holiday. Let's reflect for a moment on what Peeps are made of...SUGAR! Ella did not have crazy amounts of the good stuff during the party, but it was still enough to steer away her afternoon nap. Oy. Can I tell you how things get around here with a 19 month-old who hasn't slept? Let's just say, it didn't help her overnight sleep pattern. Thus, yesterday's story time at Barnes & Noble was NOT a success. However, the little darling is now sleeping peacefully in her crib and I've had quite the productive afternoon.

Overall, it was a lovely Valentine's Day! I was so glad to attend the Sugar High party, as it was the only celebrating I got to do that day. Pete & I have postponed our own celebration until this weekend when his schedule will be a bit lighter.

A note on my photos: I decided to change things up for this post and use a fun filter for the Valentine photos. (Although I haven't decided how much I like it for this particular post.) I take all of my pictures on my iPhone. It's always with me and usually takes the same quality as my little point & click. For the above pics, I used the Instagram app. It's free and is a simple way to add a little fun to regular photos!

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