Friday, November 26, 2010


Such a Thanksgiving! Pete was on call until 8am on the big day, so we decided to celebrate here in Duluth. It was quite convenient since Jake, Becky and Malena also live here. Here are a few pictures to cover our day.

We Skyped in the morning with Grandma & Grandpa Olsen and Auntie Kristin. So much better than a phone call! (In the evening we Skyped with Auntie Kathryn, too.)

Then I set the table.

When I was growing up and my mom would make pies, she would cut up the extra dough, sprinkle them with cinnamon & sugar, and bake them like cookies. I did the same this year for each place setting.

The turkey was a success! I honestly didn't know how it would go since Pete does the cooking around here while I do the baking. He was working, though, so it was up to me this time. I made a rosemary roasted turkey, classic sage & parsley stuffing and cranberries along with Mama's Perfect Apple Pie. Grandma Scott and Mama Bex added to the spread, which equaled a crazy amount of food. It seems inevitable, doesn't it? Pete used his amazing surgery skills to beautifully carve the bird.

A bit blurry, but this was our meal!

My clean-up helper.

Dinner was followed by naps all around. (Uncle Jake & Malena)

And play time with Grandma's shoes.

When our food had somewhat settled, we pulled out the desserts.

And that's all we could handle. Ella & her baby expressed it for all of us.

I think the classic Thanksgiving meal must have been designed so that the leftovers would taste just as good as the original meal. Today's meals were delish!

I do hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!

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