Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Chic Chick

Such a fun Halloween! We attended a giant party at our church, the Duluth Vineyard, on Saturday morning, so the very first thing we had to do was get into costume. We were in no hurry.

Therefore, dressing was interrupted with a little playtime.

Once we finally made it to the church, we found loads of games and face painting and those big jumpy things that kids absolutely love.

Ella's favorite, though, was the live blues band. She didn't care at all about the cookies or blow-up slide or cotton candy. The girlie just wanted to get on stage and dance!

Then, on Sunday, Malena spent nearly the entire day at our house while Mama Bex made a move into a new apartment. Before Malena left we got the girls ready to trick-or-treat and took a few fun pictures.

No question - these two are the cutest animals on the farm!

Mama Bex & her little bunny.

Sisters & Cousins

Ella helped us pass out candy for a little while before we took a stroll through the neighborhood to see our friends. She bashfully picked a single piece of candy at the first couple houses but quickly gained confidence and insisted on having one in each hand at every house. Once we got home, she spent lots of time playing with the shiny packages in her basket until we finally revealed the most amazing Halloween secret of all - there was CANDY inside each little wrapper! She only tried a little bit of the sweet stuff before bed, and we certainly brushed her teeth afterward. (Grandpa Olsen, we thought you would be proud of that!)

A big THANK YOU to Ang's Auntie Jean for the adorable chick costume!

On a completely different note, I've changed the comment settings so that anyone can now leave a comment, whether you're a Blogger member or not. Please do! I love to read comments!


  1. Let me be the first to comment. Oh my goodness this lil' chick could not be cuter !!! Adorable ! love seeing the pics of Malena and Ella together. It will be so fun watching them grow up together over the years. Ang - thanks for sharing these awesome pics !

  2. These must be the two cutest halloween animals since you kids were that age! I must watch that video at least 3-4 times each day! Thank you!

  3. Ang - I had to leave a comment to tell you that Aria keeps requesting to watch the video of Ella dancing over and over. "Do again? Do again?" So cute!

  4. Loved the pics of your day and the cute little girl in her costume!


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