Sunday, April 11, 2010

Puffy Hat

There's no question in the Olsen house about which hat is Ella's favorite. There is something absolutely captivating about her little pink hat with the puffs. Actually, I'm pretty sure that those puffs are exactly what draw Ella to it. Numerous times, I've found her digging through her diaper bag to find it. Once she's got it, she chooses a puff and pops it in her mouth. Sadly for Ella, we no longer have any puffs on the hat. She pulled all three off! I'm okay with that. I had to keep a really close eye on her so she wouldn't swallow one. She still likes to wear it and this mama loves that it can be tied under her chin. That way there's no pulling it off in a chilly wind.

Ella sends a great big thank you to Len, Betsy, Anna, Abby and Luke all the way down in Bolivia who sent the hat to Ella for her first Christmas!

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  1. I'm so glad she didn't swallow any of those little puffs! What a funny girl - thanks for posting the photos. She's growing so fast!
    Abrazos y besos from all!


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