Friday, April 16, 2010

A Leaf?

A few days ago, Ella and I met up with some of our friends for a walk to the park. Ella loves to be around other kids, so she was thrilled to sit in the grass - and the sand - with Bella and Liam. We had snacks and Ella munched on her puffs. Puffs are her current favorite. Each time I take them out of the cupboard she gets excited. We're working on teaching her to sign "please" before she gets them, but she hasn't really picked up the skill yet. At one point while we were enjoying our snacks, I looked over to see Ella with a leaf in her mouth. Apparently we'll also have to work on what snacks are and are not. Everything at the moment goes straight to the mouth. No worries, Ella! We'll figure it out!

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