Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playing with Malena

A trip to Duluth just wouldn't be complete without a visit to see Malena, Ella's cousin. Now that the girls are getting older, you can hardly tell that there is an age difference between the two. Ella is only 5 weeks older than her cousin. They are exploring toys together and sort of had their first little fight. It was pretty cute, actually. Both of the girls wanted to hold Becky's keys. Unfortunately for Malena, Ella is a little more mobile (being older), so she definitely had an advantage. You can see it in the bottom two photos.

Now that we know we'll be moving to Duluth in the next couple of months, Becky (my sister) and I have been making plans for our girls. Walks, beach days, trips to the playground, and quite possibly a dance class when they are just a little older. A lot is ahead for these two little cousins!

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