Friday, March 19, 2010

Match Day!

What is Match Day exactly? I had never heard of Match Day before I was introduced to the world of medical school and all that it contains. (It's a big and very busy world, to say the least.) Match Day is the day in March when every fourth-year medical student across the country finds out where they have "matched" for residency. We went through a series of interviews, hospital & clinic tours, and dinners between November and January before creating a "rank list" with our top residency choices. We were informed on Monday via email that, yes, we had been matched with a program, but we weren't told which program it was until we opened our letter on Thursday morning. Apparently, the medical education system likes suspense!
We arrived at the Alumni Center for breakfast at 10am. The place was buzzing with nervous med students and their families. Here's a photo we snapped just before the program began at 10:40. We really just wanted our envelope!

The 20-minute program before the envelope presentation was nice, but I'm pretty sure everyone was only thinking about where they might have matched. Ella and I sat in the back so she could eat and stay busy.

At 11am sharp, we opened our envelope. The letter inside told us exactly what we had hoped! Pete has been selected to train at the family medicine residency in Duluth. We couldn't be happier to be moving back! Hold on, Ella! Daddy's excited!

Come on, El! We're moving to Duluth! You'll love it there!

Now that we've received the word, we can start planning our move. It will take place sometime in May or early June. Pete will probably start orientation in the middle of June and officially begin residency on July 1, which is the same for all students across the country.

This mama is happy to know that we'll be staying in one place for at least the next three years! We'll move, unpack, and stay unpacked for more than 10 months. Incredible! Thanks to everyone who prayed for us and the match over the last few months!


  1. Hooray!!!! Congratulations to all three of you! We are not surprised that you guys matched to Duluth, but of course it is still exciting nonetheless!

    We will be scheduling a visit to come and see you sometime this summer!

    Kristi, Matt, and Charlotte

  2. We are so excited for you guys! How awesome! We've been praying and thinking for all of you fourth years. It's so hard to imagine, but we'll be in your shoes in a year! Congrats. :)


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